we sign it - Stop Boko Haram and all terrorst groups in the sahel

Stop Boko Haram and all terrorst groups in the sahel

Series of suicide bombers attacks in Mali,  Nigeria and othe  Sahel countries : makes over 2000 dead in a week

The attack in the Radisson hotel Bamako (Mali), Kano (Nigeria) takes place the day after another attack which left 32 dead in Yola, in the North East of the country, and only a few days after other attacks in Tchad and Niger and a month after those in Cameroun. Fighting terrorism in Syria is also fighting it in Sahel.

Sign up to demand financial and logistical support for countries in the Sahel region so that they can fight Boko Haram efficiently.

Today more than ever, international solidarity must be global to help defeat terrorism in an effective manner.

The last two weeks have seen the loss of more lives in the whole year. Islamists are using the same strategy everywhere by killing the most people possible, especially young people: Diplomatic cars, Kalashnikovs, explosive belts, female suicide bombers, using younger and younger terrorists… In Sahel, where several radical islamist groups, we estimate that for Boko Haram alone – who has wanted to create an islamist state for the last 6 years – over 20.000 deaths and 3 millions migrants in Nigeria, Niger, Tchad and Cameroun. These last few days, the counts have raised:: Radisson hotel Bamako (Mali), 15 killed and over 50 injured on wednedday in Kano market, in North Nigeria, caused by two young female suicide bombers.

The attack in Kano happened the day after a terrorist attack in Yola, in the North East, where at least 32 people lost their lives. Diffa, in the East of Niger, Tchad and Cameroun have been affected also in the last 10 days. Over 200 people have lost their lives in the 4 countries the most affected by Boko Haram. If we add the lives lost in and around Paris, the result is terrifying.

hout the world.


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